Welcome To AutoHotkey Mentor & Mentee Portal

Here you can both sign-up to be a mentor on things you’re knowledgeable on as well as sign up for specific topics you’d like some help with.

About Us
Joe Glines  / the-Automator

Thank you for your interest in the AutoHotkey Mentorship program!

I’ve been working with AutoHotkey for over 10 years and my biggest jumps in learning have been while I’m working with mentors!  I thought it would be great to give the AutoHotkey community a way to connect with each other so that’s why I’ve built this site!

Here you can both sign-up to be a mentor on things you’re knowledgeable on as well as sign up for specific topics you’d like some help with.

I’ll do my best to connect you with the most appropriate Mentor / Mentee.  I will be doing this manually so please bare with me.  If we get enough people signing-up I’ll spend some more money to automate the process.

While this site is free (meaning I will never charge you to connect with a mentor / mentee) some Mentors may say they’re only interested in helping if they’re getting paid.  I want to be very clear, this is an arrangement you will decide with them.  I’m simply connecting two interested parties and do not want any money from it.  I also will not get involved in any disputes of who owes who any money so please be sure you’re clear with the person you’re working with.

I hope you find working with Mentors as helpful as I have and a huge Thank you to all those Mentors out there!  AutoHotkey is an amazing community where people spend a lot of time helping others!  I’m proud to be a part of this relationship!

Welcome to Mentor & Mentee

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